Welcome to Olivieri’s Flowers

Olivieri’s Florist offers the best of both worlds to our customers. You can buy your fresh cut flowers from our well-stocked florist and complete gift shop at Doyalson North on the Central Coast. Alternatively, you can order online and we’ll deliver our own fresh flowers locally!

Olivieri Flowers began over 35 years ago with three brothers with the will, determination and passion to grow and supply the freshest flowers on the Central Coast. They started their prosperous farming business on the hunch that flowers were always going to be in demand. That hunch proved successful, as they are now one of the largest leading cut flower growers in NSW.

Back in 1990, their property at Doyalson North was nothing more than open farmland. The brothers began by growing fresh Chrysanthemums in paddocks right outside in the open air. In the beginning, they grew a variety of flowers but now specialise in just three types – Gerberas, Oriental Lilies and Asiatic Lilies. Every year they also grow fresh bunches of Chrysanthemums for Mother’s Day.

The Olivieri brothers – Joe, Nate and Tony Olivieri – soon realised they could expand their growing season and grow all year round by building greenhouses. They now have 45,000 square meters of total greenhouse space. In 2001, they added state-of-the-art greenhouses in which to grow their Gerberas. These greenhouses control their growing environment automatically via computer systems that eliminate the risk of human error. This in turn produces a stronger, more perfect flower.   They have also adopted many successful world-wide production processes to minimise spraying and chemical use.

Initially, the farm supplied to wholesalers via the Sydney Flower Markets. As they grew over the years, the freshness and quality of their flowers saw their business grow from strength to strength and soon, Olivieri’s Florist was opened at the front of their property at Doyalson North.

All flowers are freshly hand picked and hand packed right at the farm and available the same day at Olivieri’s Florist or at the Flemington markets the very next day. Compare this with imported flowers, which are likely to be a week old before they even reach the stores.

Olivieri Flowers continues to supply fresh flowers to wholesalers, florists and can offer flexible packaging options to suit the wholesaler. Nate Olivieri is available on (02) 4358 8331 for wholesale enquiries. Please order by 12:00 noon the day before collection or delivery.

For retail orders, please call Olivieri’s Florist on (02) 4358 8331 or buy online.